Local Artists

Help shape the expansion of Capitol Hill by supporting your neighborhood businesses & local artists…


~ Amaris Rising: Laminated and cotton bags, also meditation mats

~ Apatico Designs: Fashion Harnesses, Millinery & Fantasy Accessories

~ A.S.T.R. (Awesome Stuff That Rocks): “print to fabric” Tee-Shirts and “vinyl” printed Hoodies

~ Becca Art: Spider clips and pins

~Blicky : Post punk/ New Wave/ Industrial Dance Rock

~ Chains Artistry: Enameled copper ring jewelry

~ DJ Coldheart : Goth, Deathrock, Industrial, Post-punk DJ

~ DJ Daemon Chadeau : Goth/Industrial DJ

~ DJ Hana Solo : Industrial/Rock/Goth/Synth Pop/New Wave/Alternative DJ

~ DJ Mikey Shadow : Synth Pop, Dark Wave, Goth/Industrial DJ

~ Elo’s Wired World: Handwoven rings

~Iikka Keränen Local Artist

~ Jewels Foster – Local Artist, Designer, Painting

~ KOΠTROL : Electro-Industrial, Witch House – DJ

~ Legion Within – Local Darkwave/Rock Band

~ Licata Designs: Stainless Steel products, collars, decorative blades, chokers, breast plates, hair sticks, dip pens and more…

~ Lolafae Jewelry: Sterling Silver jewelry made with precious & semi-precious gemstones

~ Mockery and Vodka  the biweekly autobiographical comic chronicles ofKkassandra Davis – mockeryandvodka.com

~ Mourning Market: Artist Collective, Pacific Northwest’s spookiest artists, crafters and vendors.

~ Ramirez Reflections: beaded & weaved bracelets

~ Moon & Sugar: Creepy-cute accessories (casted from resin and painted)

~ Phoenix Beadwork: woven works from gemstones and beads

~ Recycled Rockworks: upcycled materials mixed with gemstones to create wearable art

~ Sandi’s Curio Collars: hand stitched decorative collars with Gothic & Steampunk designs

~ Scarlett Rabbit: Victorian & Steampunk inspired crocheted accessories, chokers, collars, gloves, etc…

~ Stoneburner Designs: Hemp & decorative charm accessories jewelry & upcycled Barbie parts jewelry

~ Trashique: Upcycled cuffs loving cobbled from old belts, aluminum cans and various modern detritus

~ Would: creating the “ATUB” (anti theft utility bags).