Yes, Capitol Hill Business is Booming

capitol-hill-gothKOUW-FM was wondering if the light rail was helping our “Business”…that’s a good question? “Can’t Decide?”  is it only because of the light rail?

At the NYXchange clothing store, we invite you to shop at our small independent boutique in Capitol Hill and get away from the suburban mall chains with all that copy/paste fashion. It’s a “Once in a Lifetime” experience.  You’ll enjoy a new atmosphere with a find Skulls and a strange love, you’ll learn about the “Horror business” with a “Military Fashion Show” or feel like a “Space Oddity” with the “Night Life“.

We’re a niche store and support a number of local artists and musicians that look for an “Aesthetic Perfection”.  We also a carry a wide range of ready to wear fashion that isn’t too edgy and can give your tired fashion “the Cure”.   We don’t look like we listen to punk, industrial, or goth music, we do.

We hope to grow this community like shadows in the Dark” and hope you “assimilate” with “love and rockets”.

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